3 Ways Visual Notes Promote Event Engagement
for Meetings & Conferences

3 Ways Visual Notes Promote Event Engagement
for Meetings & Conferences

3 Ways Visual Notes Promote Event Engagement
for Meetings & Conferences

The pandemic has greatly altered the way events are conducted, with many organisations turning to virtual platforms such as Zoom to host meetings, conferences, and social gatherings. While these virtual events have allowed people to stay connected and continue with their work and social lives during lockdowns and quarantine, they have also led to a phenomenon known as “Zoom fatigue.” Many people are experiencing burnout and, as a result, are seeking ways to mitigate its negative effects.

Here are three ways in which visual notes can help to enhance the attendee experience when it comes to virtual events and promote better engagement:

Active listening

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One of the key benefits of visual notes is that they encourage active listening. Instead of just passively absorbing information, attendees are actively processing and summarising the information in their own words and images. This can help to increase comprehension and retention, as well as keep attendees engaged and focused.


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Visual notes can be used to facilitate collaboration and idea-sharing. By creating visual notes, attendees can work together to capture key points and ideas and explore new perspectives on the material. This can foster a sense of teamwork and community and can also lead to the generation of new ideas and solutions.

Review and retention

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They also provide a valuable resource for attendees to refer back to after the event. The visual elements help make the information more memorable, and the notes can be used as a tool for reviewing and refreshing knowledge after the event.

In addition to these benefits, visual notes can also be used as a form of storytelling, adding a personal touch to the event and making it more memorable. Visual notes can also be used to create a visual summary of the event and be shared on social media, making it more engaging and reader-friendly for both attendees and those who could not attend the event.

In conclusion, visual notes, or sketchnotes, are an effective way to promote engagement and understanding in meetings and conferences, and this applies to both virtual and in-person events. They take advantage of active listening, promote collaboration, and drive retention. They also add a creative and personal touch to the event and make it more memorable and accessible. So, next time you’re planning an event, consider incorporating visual note-taking to enhance the attendee experience and lessen the burden of Zoom fatigue for your attendees.

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