Adding the Human Touch
to Virtual Events with Sketchnoting

Adding the Human Touch
to Virtual Events with Sketchnoting

Adding the Human Touch
to Virtual Events with Sketchnoting


Providing a convenient and cost-effective way to bring people together in a digital setting grew in popularity in the recent years and continues to do so. More virtual events have been hosted to provide this convenience and safety however, one of the challenges with virtual events is that they can sometimes feel impersonal and need more of the human touch which makes in-person events so engaging. But what if there was a way to bring a personalised and human touch to your virtual events? 

The answer lies in sketchnoting.

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What is sketchnoting?

Sketchnotes, also known as visual note-taking, involves using illustrations, symbols, and keywords to capture and communicate ideas and information. This technique is a powerful tool for adding a human touch to virtual events, making them more personalised and engaging. By creating visually appealing and easily understandable notes, you can help your audience stay focused and involved during your virtual event, even when they are participating from the comfort of their own homes.

But how?

One way of implementing sketchnotes is through a live illustrator. This means having an illustrator join in your virtual event and sketchnotes will be done live and in real-time while the virtual event is ongoing. This can be achieved through the use of digital tools such as graphics tablets, smartphones, or laptops. By sketching notes in real-time, attendees can actively engage with the content of the event and create a visual representation of the information as it is being presented. This can help to keep attendees focused, involved, and engaged, as well as provide a unique and personalised perspective on the event.

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Why should you have sketchnotes?

Encouraging the use of sketchnoting in your events can also add an element of interactivity to the as attendees can share their notes with each other and provide feedback and insights. This can help to foster a sense of community and collaboration, even in a virtual setting. 

Furthermore, a benefit to having an illustrator provide sketchnotes to your event is that this becomes a souvenir for your virtual event attendees to take home. They can use the notes to reinforce their understanding and retention of the key information presented during the event. The visually appealing and easily understandable nature of sketchnotes can help attendees quickly recall important points and ideas.

They can also use the sketchnotes as a reference for future discussions and decision-making. The notes can serve as a useful reminder of the topics covered during the event and can be referred to at a later date to support further analysis and decision-making. 

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Lastly, the sketchnotes can be shared with colleagues, friends, and family to help spread the information and ideas covered during the virtual event. This can help to extend the reach and impact of the event, and can also serve as a testament to the attendee’s commitment to personal and professional development.

Sketchnoting not only adds a human touch to virtual events but also increases audience engagement and retention of information. It’s a great way to make virtual events more interactive and memorable. Incorporating Sketchnoting into virtual events is a great way to combat Zoom fatigue and bring a more personal and engaging element to the virtual event experience.


With that being said, let’s bring some colour to your events! Have a live illustrator sit in your events and have Ortus Draws help you create more engaging knowledge-sharing experiences.

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