Get things moving:
Boosting social media engagement
with animated videos

Get things moving:
Boosting social media engagement
with animated videos

Get things moving:
Boosting social media engagement
with animated videos
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Low click-through rates and comment counts on LinkedIn or Instagram can dishearten any marketing or advertising team. They’re two of the most glaring signs that people just aren’t that interested in what a company has to say.

To try to resolve these engagement issues, marketers and advertisers mostly just ramp up their efforts in producing content that, at the end of the day, simply just isn’t that engaging.

Create some space in your marketing plan and sweat no more by using animated videos to boost your social media engagement. Here’s how you can get the facts and figures of your business moving online.

Keeping things practical

Creating animations is more practical than filming live-action videos. Not only does it require fewer hands (eg. a three-person animation team vs. a production team with at least 10 people involved), but it also takes up fewer resources—budget-wise, mostly.

Animations are also more flexible as far as purpose goes. Social media marketing these days relies heavily on infographics, product explainers, and snippets. Companies that need a steady stream of easily-produced content for different kinds of social media posts can turn to animated videos. These dynamically illustrated clips will surely boost any business’s social media engagement.

Take a look at this great Halloween-themed animation created by Ortus Draws. No set designers, costume designers, makeup artists, directors, camera operators, lighting crews, sound engineers, and other videography professionals were involved in producing this video. All they did was have one of their talented illustrators sketch and animate this short but sweet Instagram reel.

Animated video sample

Making topics simpler

Animated timelapse video sample

Text-heavy content and live-action videos can only go so far in conveying information comprehensively without taking too much time. Audiences today are also more discerning when it comes to consuming social media content. Snackables are now much more preferred over posts that take upwards of 15 minutes to go through.

With how they’re more practical and flexible, animations are the most effective media for delivering information on social media. In under a minute, you can show your target markets what services you offer, how your company does things differently, and other pieces of important information about your business.

Infographics are the only other form of social media content that does something similar. Watch this 30-second animation on dealing with creative blocks. You’ll see that the animated handwriting culminates in a flowchart that’s easily digestible as a static infographic, but how the text came to life through animation creates a more vibrant learning experience for viewers.

Getting (and keeping) audience attention

The shortening attention spans of Internet users are the reason snackable content is preferred by most people. The best way to capture and keep the attention of your social media audience is by producing thought-provoking and emotion-evoking animations.

They also spark nostalgia in people, reminding audiences of how they once felt while enjoying their favourite Saturday afternoon cartoons as children. There’s no denying that animations are simply just more fun to watch than live-action videos.

At its core, animations serve to inform in a more entertaining way. Take a look at this animated sketchnote created by the awesome team at Ortus Draws. Live illustrations such as this will surely capture your followers’ attention and drive them to discover more about your skills and services.

Animated GIF sample

Want to discover more tricks in using illustrations as a marketing tool? Check out Ortus Draws here. Browse through our amazing illustrations to see how our pieces captivate audiences in a more practical and informative way.

Ortus Draws can also help you create more engaging knowledge-sharing experiences. Just contact us to book one of our talented illustrators to sketchnote your next event live!

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