How to engage employees with visuals

How to engage employees with visuals

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In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, slide decks filled with paragraphs and bullet points are no longer as effective as they once were. ‘Time is money,’ the adage goes. Spending additional precious minutes both putting together text-heavy presentations and making sense of them during and after meetings is now counterintuitive—even detrimental at times—to business growth.

To save time on curating and comprehending critical business insights while increasing employee engagement, organisations can leverage the visuals-driven power of sketchnoting. A modern approach to capturing and simplifying information during meetings and discussions, this technique involves creating visual representations of ideas. Such representations include diagrams, illustrations, and flowcharts, which are used to illustrate and simplify complex information.

Apart from developing more comprehensive insights, sketchnoting adds colour and flair to discussions and meetings. Capturing and keeping the attention of participants is crucial to any meeting, and prescribes the use of engaging visuals during presentations. Higher focus leads to better learning, so if you’re looking to increase the chances of your workforce remembering all those comprehensive insights, sketchnotes are the way to go.

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By using visual notes (also called sketchnotes) during discussions, business leaders can foster a significantly more engaged culture of knowledge-sharing across their organisations. Sketchnotes enable discussion participants to take down notes quicker, understand information better, and retain important ideas for longer. Doing so will increase productivity across the board, further ensuring business success.

Another way is to use visuals to create instructional materials. For example, creating diagrams or flowcharts to explain a process or concept can help employees better understand and remember the flow and processes. This is particularly useful for employees who are visual learners but can be beneficial for all employees.

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Sketchnotes can also be used to create visual aids for team-building activities and brainstorming sessions. This can help employees collaborate more effectively and generate new and creative ideas.

In addition to their use in meetings, presentations and training, visual notes and sketchnotes can also be shared and stored electronically, allowing employees to refer back to them as needed. This can make information accessible and help bring future ideas to fruition.

Visual notes and sketchnotes can be a simple yet effective way to engage employees and make complex information more accessible and memorable. By incorporating visual notes and sketchnotes into meetings, presentations, instructional materials, and team-building activities, you can improve employee engagement and productivity—and have fun while doing so.

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