How to Utilise Live Illustration in Your Virtual Presentations

How to Utilise Live Illustration in Your Virtual Presentations

How to Utilise Live Illustration in Your Virtual Presentations 1440 730 DRAWS STUDIO

Virtual presentations have become a common occurrence in recent times due to the increase in remote work and online events. Although virtual events offer ease and versatility, they can also be tedious and monotonous. This results in what is now referred to as “Zoom fatigue”. But there is a way to make your virtual presentations more interesting and engaging!

What are live illustrations?

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Live illustrations are a form of visual storytelling that involves creating images in real time, making complex information more accessible and memorable. By incorporating live illustrations into your virtual presentations, you can help to combat Zoom fatigue and create an interactive experience for your audience. Live illustration is especially relevant in today’s world of virtual presentations, where the lack of in-person interaction can make it challenging to keep audiences engaged.

But, how is it done? An illustrator joins in on the virtual event, listens to the discussion, and illustrates it. Allowing the audience to visually understand the content being delivered. This can be done for workshops, presentations, or virtual roundtable discussions. With a live illustration, the illustrator will work alongside the presenter to capture the key points being discussed. This helps in making information easier for the audience to follow along and understand the content. You can even take it home as a visual souvenir!

One of the main benefits of live illustration is increased engagement. In a virtual setting, it can be easy for audiences to become distracted, especially if the presentation is lengthy or technical. The live illustration provides a visual element that keeps audiences focused on the content. It also helps break up the monotony of slides and text-based presentations, making the information more memorable.

How can you utilise IT?

There are several ways to incorporate live illustration into your virtual presentations:

  1. Hire an illustrator. The illustrator can create illustrations in real time, responding to the content being discussed and capturing the key points. This provides a visual representation of the information and helps to keep audiences engaged.
  1. Incorporate pre-created illustrations. If you’re unable to have an illustrator join your virtual presentation in real-time, you can still incorporate live illustration. Simply work with an illustrator to create illustrations in advance that you can incorporate into your slides or share as a separate document.
  1. Use illustration tools and software. Various tools and software available allow you to DIY or do it yourself to create illustrations in real time, including online whiteboards, digital sketchpads, and illustration software. These tools can be used to create live illustrations during your virtual presentation, providing a visual representation of the content.
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When it comes to incorporating live illustrations into your virtual presentations, the key is to find the approach that works best for you and your audience. Whether you hire an illustrator, incorporate pre-created illustrations, or use illustration tools and software, live illustration can help to increase engagement and make your virtual presentations more memorable and effective.

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