How to Write an Engaging Explainer Video Script

How to Write an Engaging Explainer Video Script

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Explainer videos have emerged to be one of the most prominent channels for businesses to communicate effectively with potential and existing clients. A well-written script serves as a crucial foundation that integrates the visuals and narrations of every explainer video. 

Explore essential steps and techniques to help you write an engaging explainer video script that hooks your audience and leaves a lasting impact with the blog below.

8 Steps of How to Write an Explainer Video Script

Explainer video script

Equip your video marketing strategies with the correct information to draft a script that retains your viewers’ interest, drives engagement, and achieves your communication objectives. Here are 8 steps you should remember when you’re writing your next explainer video script: 

1. Identify Your Story

A strong narrative foundation ensures your explainer video remains focused and compelling throughout. Consider framing the story around a relatable problem for your target audience, and introduce your offering as the solution.

2. DistilL Your Story

Avoid overwhelming your audience with excessive details or technical jargon. Stick to a straightforward idea, and maintain a clear and concise tone. Emphasise the benefits and value your offering brings, making it easy for viewers to grasp and remember your explainer video.

3. Bring Your Viewer
Into the Story

Engaging explainer video scripts should create a sense of immediate involvement for the viewers. Address your audience directly, using language that feels personal and inclusive. Pose questions or scenarios that resonate with their experiences to engage them deeper in your video marketing efforts.

4. Add Emotion for the video

Emotions are powerful drivers of engagement and customer retention. Infuse your explainer video script with emotions that align with your brand and message to enhance the viewer’s connection to your content. Be mindful of striking the right balance—too much emotion can come across as manipulative, while too little can render the script dry and uninteresting.

5. Check Your Length

Aim for a script length that holds attention while conveying the necessary information. As a general guideline, most effective explainer videos run between 60 to 90 seconds. Every word must serve a purpose and contribute to the overall flow of the video.

6. Adjust for Voice Over

If your explainer video includes a voice-over narration, consider how the script will align with the voice talent’s delivery. Pay attention to how each line will be spoken, ensuring it sounds natural and engaging. Keep sentences and paragraphs short to facilitate smooth narration.

7. Show, Don’t Tell

Incorporate visual storytelling to enhance the impact of your explainer video script. Instead of relying solely on exposition and explanation, use visuals and animations to demonstrate your product or concept.

8. Test Your Script
before the video

Before production, test your script on a diverse group of individuals who represent your target audience. Gather feedback on clarity, engagement, and overall appeal. Revise your script until you have a script that resonates strongly with your test audience.

What Are the Key Points of Writing an Explainer
Video Script?

Ensure success for your video marketing strategies by writing a compelling and engaging script. Here are some key points you can consider to maximise the potential of your explainer videos:

Summarise the entire Video
in a 30-second sentence

Start your script by crafting a concise and compelling 30-second summary that captures the essence of your explainer video. This “elevator pitch” will serve as a guiding beacon throughout the writing process, ensuring your script remains focused and impactful.

Speak directly but be friendly
to your target audience

Address your audience directly, using a conversational tone that resonates with them. Establish a friendly and approachable voice to create a sense of connection. Keep the script conversational yet professional to establish credibility.

Give the audience what they
don’t have; tell them what they do not know

Identify your target audience’s knowledge gaps or challenges and offer your solution’s Unique Value proposition (UVP). Doing so relates your offerings to the context of your potential or existing clients.

Pick the right tone
for the entire video

Select a tone that aligns with your brand and the intended message. Consider the emotional impact you want to evoke in your audience. Whether upbeat, calm, or something in between, consistency in tone helps establish a cohesive and engaging narrative.

Know when to be humorous

Humour can be a powerful tool to engage your audience and make your video memorable. Appropriately placed jokes or lighthearted moments for animated videos can make your video more enjoyable—but be mindful not to overshadow the main message or detract from the information you want to convey..

Don’t fear making mistakes
in your video script

Feel inspired to experiment and get creative with your script. Writing is an iterative process, and mistakes are opportunities for improvement. Embrace the creative journey and be open to refining and revising your script until it achieves the desired impact. Be willing to take risks and learn from any missteps along the way.

Why Your Explainer Video Script Matters

Whether unravelling complex concepts or showcasing innovative offerings, explainer videos conquer the challenge of simplification with finesse. Your explainer video script should resonate with your target audience on a personal level, fostering trust and forging a lasting bond between your brand and the audience.

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